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The who

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Hi, my name is Flavio Diez and I am currently working as a software developer in the finance industry.

Sports and being active are something I do enjoy a lot(rugby is a passion of mine). However I also love to learn new things and you’ll see me reading a lot. I am fortunate enough to do something I love for a living and I am always hoping to get better at it.

I’ve graduated with an Electrical Engineer with emphasis on Computer Systems and then chose to follow the software path. I always try to make myself and the place where I am better and strive to reach the next step in my career and life as efficiently as I can and with a good base to support it.

If you want to contact me, use the address fdiez@fdiez.org and I will try to answer as soon as possible


The Why

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This site exist for one reason: Knowledge!

I believe that learning and teaching are two parts of Knowledge, and it is exactly this which I try to do in this blog.

By learning, I seek to enrich both my private and professional life; meanwhile by teaching I hope to enrich others people lives.


The How

Teaching it easily
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My goal is to make topics understandable, while at the same time creating a reference material for the future. The topics should be explanatory and memorable.

I hope that I would become the reference on some themes but I know that this does not come over night. This will be a long road to travel but one I do gladly. I hope you can join me along at any time.