concurrency Runnable or Thread?

Runnable or Thread?

Reading Time: ~ 2 minutesShould you actually implement Runnable or extend Thread? If you don’t know what I’m talking than I’ll show some code, however you might have to brush up on your concurrency knowledge 😉 Class Implementing Runnable public class ClassWithRunnable implements Runnable { public void run() { // Your code will be here } } This will be …

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base-knowledge Start() vs Run()

Start() vs Run()

Reading Time: ~ 2 minutesThere is a small detail that often goes by unnoticed (well it did for me!) that does make a huge difference when you want to do some multi-threading work. As you know (if you don’t check this post), you can create a Runnable which contains a run() method in which, in turn, is where you …

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base-knowledge Process – let’s start concurrency

Process – let’s start concurrency

Reading Time: ~ 6 minutesAhhh a process… the stuff I need. THE thing to run on! Hey guys, here I am, the master of concurrency! In this post I briefly want to discuss what processes are, what are they for, and answer all the necessary questions to serve as a base from our further explorations of the Concurrency world. What …

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