base-knowledge Thread: The makers of Programs

Thread: The makers of Programs

On a previous post, we talked about Processes. In this post, we will talk about ‘their offspring’, the Thread! What are threads? Threads are squiggly lines: But to be more realistic we can interpret the name Threads coming from: an analogy to the Thread of fabrics: they work together to span a piece of a …

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concurrency Runnable or Thread?

Runnable or Thread?

Should you actually implement Runnable or extend Thread? If you don’t know what I’m talking than I’ll show¬†some code, however you might have to brush up on your concurrency knowledge ūüėČ Class Implementing Runnable public class ClassWithRunnable implements Runnable { public void run() { // Your code will be here } } This will be …

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base-knowledge Start() vs Run()

Start() vs Run()

There is a small detail that often goes by unnoticed (well it did for me!) that does make a huge difference when you want to do some multi-threading work. As you know (if you don’t check this post), you can create a Runnable which contains a run() method in which, in turn, is where you …

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base-knowledge Process – let’s start concurrency

Process – let’s start concurrency

Ahhh a¬†process… the stuff I need. THE thing to run on! Hey guys, here I am, the master of concurrency! In this post I briefly want to discuss what processes are, what are they for, and answer all the necessary questions to serve as a base from our further explorations of the Concurrency world. What …

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