java Java10 – what is coming our way?

Java10 – what is coming our way?

Reading Time: ~ 6 minutesJava10 is the second minor version after Java9 and it is just around the corner. What can we expect? It seems not that long ago that Java9 came out. Indeed I only have had time to explore it now! However the next minor version, Java10, is already on the making and almost there. Actually it …

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java Java9 – What is new and worthy?

Java9 – What is new and worthy?

Reading Time: ~ 12 minutesFinally Java9 I have finally got around to experimenting with some of the Java9 new features. Yes I know that I took my sweet time, however as usual of me: having 2000 parallel projects and always finding new and interesting topics to read upon or try, does not help to get around of checking what …

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java Getdown Java – The funky application updater

Getdown Java – The funky application updater

Reading Time: ~ 10 minutesOk, let’s take this right out of the way and Getdown to the point: Other than the name recalling the famous song from Kool & the Gang (which incidentally you feel like your computer broke when watching the video clip) this post doesn’t have any relation to the funk movement. UNLESS of course you get, …

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java New Maven Project in IntelliJ

New Maven Project in IntelliJ

Reading Time: ~ 3 minutesLet’s create a new Maven Project in IntelliJ! It is quite easy. 4 Steps for creation of a Maven Project in IntelliJ Click on File > New > Project… Now select Maven as  the project type and click Next. No need to select an archetype or such… Fill in the fields with the values that fit …

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base-knowledge JDK vs JRE


Reading Time: ~ 2 minutesI often see new programmers and regular computer users trying to get java on their machines because “that website said so” or for some programming, getting confused on what they should download. I admit there are too many acronyms in the computing world and sometimes they are not completely necessary, or at least could be simplified …

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concurrency Runnable or Thread?

Runnable or Thread?

Reading Time: ~ 2 minutesShould you actually implement Runnable or extend Thread? If you don’t know what I’m talking than I’ll show some code, however you might have to brush up on your concurrency knowledge 😉 Class Implementing Runnable public class ClassWithRunnable implements Runnable { public void run() { // Your code will be here } } This will be …

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