musings Support or Why I won’t be migrating to Java 9 or 10

Support or Why I won’t be migrating to Java 9 or 10

Support. This is the reason I won’t migrate so fast out of Java8 completely. This is a short one! I recently wrote about Java9 and Java10, but I also wanted to share my opinion about the (now not so) new 6 month release cycle of Java. LTS The term┬áLong Term Support first dropped into my …

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musings Break the Product

Break the Product

If I start a new job now a days, there is so many things I do differently than the first time I’ve landed my first job. One of them is the fact that I would break the product I am to work with! Who is this for Of course if you are the boss you …

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musings The Importance of Method

The Importance of Method

Recently I was approached by someone close to me with a story about chaos, or the lack of method. This person works at a company where they are still growing and finding their way. This translates into processes not being well defined and confusions arise due to mismanaged expectations: – You should have done that …

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