pattern Singleton Pattern – Creational

Singleton Pattern – Creational

The Singleton Pattern Let’s have a chat about the Singleton Pattern. One of the most known and (mis?)used patterns out there. The Singleton Pattern is relatively straightforward and easy to implement. It is both its strength and where the problems appear. We will also show a couple of examples or where you can find the …

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pattern Builder Pattern – Creational

Builder Pattern – Creational

In this post, I’d like to talk about the Builder Pattern. This pattern is part of the Creational grouping in which other patterns such as Factory and Singleton are also a part of. For what do we use the Builder Pattern? Sometimes we might need to have objects that work in the same way, however, have …

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pattern Creational Patterns – A short word about it

Creational Patterns – A short word about it

As mentioned in this previous post it is important that developers have an understanding of some patterns that are common in our profession. The Creational Patterns are a grouping of some of these patterns. A short word on Patterns grouping A “basket” of patterns, such as the Creational one, is used to put similar patterns together. This …

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