practical The Coder’s MUST know

The Coder’s MUST know

Reading Time: ~ 2 minutesWhere is the idea coming from Uncle Bob once wrote on his “The Clean Coder” that there are a couple of concepts every programmer should know. You and I could add or remove a couple of items from this list, however I believe it is a good place to start from. So I would like …

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base-knowledge Sequence Diagram – What, when and who

Sequence Diagram – What, when and who

Reading Time: ~ 4 minutesHello my dear Softects, It is me again: Archie! Today we are going to discuss another tool in our UML box, the Sequence Diagram! So let’s jump right in it! Why use a Sequence Diagram? The sequence diagram it is used to show the interaction of different agents (or objects) during a task. It shows …

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base-knowledge Class Diagrams – Part 2

Class Diagrams – Part 2

Reading Time: ~ 4 minutesMy dear Softects, this is the segue from Part 1. If you haven’t checked it out I recommend you to go and do it… now would be good…   The Class Diagram – Where we left off On part 1 we talked about associations and the contents of the class diagram component. This time we …

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base-knowledge Class Diagrams – Part 1

Class Diagrams – Part 1

Reading Time: ~ 6 minutesHello my esteemed fellow Softects (Software + Architects… maybe it will stick). Today I would like to discuss Class Diagrams. If you want to talk software architecture it is good to have a common way of express ideas. Now UML is really extensive and somewhat flexible and thus I am a believer that the Pareto …

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